Reblocking Melbourne

What is reblocking and why is it necessary?

There is always confusion between the three terms- reblocking, rstumbling and underpinning. While each of them is interconnected, the most common thing among them all is that they are all related to the foundation of your house. This help reduces the damage to the structure and help maintain foundational integrity. Although underpinning is a bit complex process, there is a significant amount of difference between restumping and reblocking Melbourne. Reblocking is the process of replacing the stumps in order to restore the strength of the foundation of your house.

Reblocking Melbourne
Reblocking Melbourne

Stumps are usually made up of concrete, wood,resin or timber. Concrete is the best material for stumps however. The stumps of your house can face damage over time due to a number of factors such as hail, water, soil conditions, gravity and natural disasters.  Hence, proper planning and availing professional help is necessary to keep your stumps in their original state.  With reblocking Melbourne services, achieving strong base for your house becomes easy.

Reblocking Cost-

Reblocking cost usually varies from building to building. Visit our contact us page to post your query, and our team will get in touch with you shortly with all your answers. Prices vary depending upon a number of factors such as –

  • The size and dimensions of your property.
  • How old your stumps or blocks are? This will definitely impact the final price.
  • The condition of soil.
  • Number and location of access points.

Why do you need house reblocking-

House Reblocking Melbourne
House Reblocking Melbourne

It is the foundation on which the rest of your house stands. Hence, it is important to have a strong foundation for a home which stays the same forever.  While it is one of the most important aspects of every house, wear and tear is common with the passage of time. Weather condition can play havoc, so can soil conditions. The dimensions of your house also play a role in the same. This leads to cracks and other signs of damage. Replacing the stumps becomes necessary under such conditions.

If your stumps are in poor condition and you are still neglecting the issue, then you are simply putting the safety of your house at risk. Additionally, it can lead to instability in the structure of your house which is quite dangerous. All you need is good reblocking services Melbourne to restore the foundation effectively. Our experts have in-depth knowledge about fixing all types of foundations and stumps. Whether its cracking, deterioration or rotting which your stumps are facing, the experts can take care of it all. Our master reblockers are passionate about their work and word extra hard to give you satisfactory services.

Our Reblocking Melbourne Process-

  • Your house will be put on a jack support as soon as our executive reaches your house.
  • A hole will be digged in order to find the plate and check the soil.
  • Then we carry out the process of removal of stumps.
  • A thorough inspection regarding replacement or repair is what we do next.
  • The stumps are then fixed by using concrete as the replacement. The quality of concrete however is very important. We put best quality concrete into use.
    Reblocking Services Melbourne
    Reblocking Services Melbourne
  • There are certain building regulations which every building in Melbourne must follow and abide by. We replace your stumps keeping these regulations in mind.
  • Once the concrete is dry, we remove the jacks and clean the house after leveling the floor.
  • We offer you 100 % guarantee for our quality work and leave the place.

When is the need to Reblock-

While the foundation is the most important aspect of every house, it is often the most neglected one too. We never feel like fixing the damage until and unless there’s a disaster.  Since stumps are not clearly visible and lie below the house, the reason for neglecting becomes all the more evident.  While it becomes difficult at times to inspect the stumps, there are certain signs which you can always watch out for-

  • Cracks and lines on the floor-

    Those floors which have problematic bases usually have cracks on its surface. These cracks are actually an indication of deteriorating stumps. Hence, it needs for reblocking becomes necessary. The best time to go for reblocking Melbourne service, however, is when you are planning to renovate the house.

  • Uneven and slanting floors-

    Floors are in close touch with the foundation of your house. Hence, they are the best indicators of its condition. They are a reflection of any underlying problems which your stumps and foundation may be facing. Be alert if you find your house slanting in one side or an uneven texture while walking on the floor.

    Reblocking a house
    Reblocking a house

    Go for professional reblocking Melbourne services immediately in both these cases.

The stages of our work-

The process of reblocking, no doubts is a complex one. It not only requires hard work and efforts but also approvals and systematic steps. Our professional reblocking Melbourne team is fully committed towards its work and can fix any type of stump in absolutely no time. These are the stages of our work-

  • Preparation of report
  • Inspection of your property.
  • Efficient restumping work
  • Clearing up of dirt and debris
  • Final re-inspection

Our report is inclusive of the following things-

We send our field worker right to your place to do a thorough inspection of your foundation.  He will be trained to assess every risk and damage. Finally, he will hand you over the report with the following things-

Reblocking Melbourne
Reblocking Melbourne
  • Risks to the structure of your house and potential solutions.
  • Number of stumps
  • The spacing between all the stumps
  • The rules and regulation which a building is to abide by
  • Removal or clearing of floorboards
  • The work completion time
  • Final review details of the floor.

Why choose us?

  • Best quality is our main aim and customer satisfaction, our main motive.
  • We are available 24*7 to give you services anytime you want.
  • Our efficient process is sure to impress you.
  • We will fix all the issues using latest equipment.
  • We use the best quality of concrete to ensure that you need not avail the services for next 25 years or so.
  • Our prices are very nominal for a quality you will feel happy paying for.

Give us a call on 03 4050 7423 to avail our expert services at any time. We will send our geochemical engineer to your place who will then assess the type of soil and the stumps. After developing an action plan, our experts will get together to stabilize your house foundation in a most effective manner. You can always get in touch with us via chat, mail or call for further assistance.

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