Things To Keep In Mind While Going For Restumping

Restumping is a process of replacing the foundation stumps which are placed at the base of a building structure. This process is initiated when the stumps start wearing out.

Various factors can trigger the need for the restumping process. Some of these include the age of the structure, termite activity, weathering and soil condition. However, there are certain essential things to be kept in mind while going for re-stumping. Check the following list given below.

  1. Local authority permission

    Sometimes the permission from local authorities is required to start restumping and similar building work. Check the rules and regulations at your own area and proceed accordingly.

  1. Check for the tell-tale signs first

    To decide whether restumping is required, the various tell-tale signs must be checked first. These consist of sloping floors, creaking and misaligned doors and windows, cracked walls, and plasterwork.

  1. Professional Guidance

    The best way to know and understand whether you need a restumping and how to go about it is by consulting restumping professionals who will inspect the foundation and provide an assessment.

  1. Check for reliable service providers

    Do proper research to find reliable professionals who are dependable and can give you the right guidance regarding the necessity of a restumping work.

  1. Understand your building structure

    This is very important as restumping may or may not work for your building. Therefore, it is always mandatory to understand your building structure, the age and the type of foundation it has. If it is an old building with wooden stumps and a renovation is due then restumping might be appropriate to consider.

  1. Plan for the restumping work

    This may require a portion of financial investment for which you have to plan properly. Always consult a reliable professional who can explain the condition of the foundation and what exactly has to be done. Also, understand the procedure that will be done and get the quotation for the whole project. This way you will be in full control of the whole situation. Remember, restumping means re-strengthening the foundation of your building and this must be taken seriously.

  1. Associated arrangements and costs

    Along with the restumping, have a look on associated costs and arrangements like raising and framing the walls, demolition, covering the floors, bathroom, and kitchen. As the whole building structure stands on the foundation, therefore a restumping work means a total re-arrangement of almost everything in the structure. There may be plumbing requirements, earthworks and cable fixing and re-designing.

  1. Understand the stumps that will be installed

    There are different kinds of stumps among which steel stumps are recommended as these are highly durable. Hot dipped galvanized steel stumps are corrosion resistant but expensive. The height of the steel column has to be considered as the height gained can be useful for the ground floor. Braces will be required to give support to the taller steel columns.

Thus, keep these things in mind prior to starting restumping for your house.

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