Underpinning for Slope and Uneven Floors

A solid foundation provides stability and structural integrity to your homes. Any problem associated with the foundation can result in devastating results. People often wonder why do they need house underpinning if their floors are uneven or foundation experiences a slope difference. The unevenness of the flooring can lead to cracking and breaking of walls which can be very serious. Structural damage repair cannot alone provide stability, house foundation repair and underpinning can take care of the problem. There some things to consider before underpinning a house. There can be many causes for uneven slope and uneven floors. This article will provide you with causes and indications for uneven floors and damage to the house foundation.

House Foundation Repair
House Foundation Repair

Indications For Uneven Floors and Damaged Foundation:

  • Failure of concrete slabs
  • Cracks on the floors or wooden planks
  • Wall Cracks that are long and wide
  • Cracks in the kitchen slab
  • Unevenness in windows and doors
  • Jammed doors
  • Cracks and damage on Tiles
  • Creation of gaps in adjacent walls.
  • Mould in basement or foundation

If you see any indication mentioned above contact Deep Underpinning, Melbourne for house underpinning and house foundation repair.

Structural Damage Repair
Structural Damage Repair

Causes For Uneven Floor and Slope:

Causes of uneven floors can vary accordingly. Most natural causes are concerned with soil beneath and water leave deep underground. Let us analyze the soil based causes for uneven floors and slope.

  • Weak Soil Conditions

    Soil and clay beneath the foundation have lost the hold and can sink inwards creating a gap in between. This gap in the layers of soil under our foundation can create a difference in slope can damage foundation too.

  • Poorly Compacted Soil

    Before starting a construction project, soil should be analyzed by engineers and if necessary, the surface should be contacted so that it can hold the weight of the structure. If the soil particles are loosely packed, it can result in gaps and crack in the structure and cause unevenness of your flooring.

    Underpin A House
    Underpin A House

Changes of moisture level in Soil:

Most of our homes are built over clay. Clay can soak a lot of amount of water and moisture. This causes clay beneath our foundations to expand. Loss of moisture in clay make it contract, this contraction and expansion of clay can cause uneven floors and can also damage the foundation.

  • Sinking of Soil

    If your area is prone to a landslide or if you normally face heavy rainfall or if your home is constructed on a slope chances are that the soil beneath your foundation can sink or move downwards. This movement of soil can cause severe foundation damage and cause uneven floors.

Hire Deep Underpinning Melbourne

Foundation damage is a serious concern and it is not safe for you to ignore the situation. Uneven floors and slope can cause an accident and may compromise the structural integrity of your homes. Foundation problems and uneven floors cannot be taken care of by DIY methods, hire Deep Underpinning, Melbourne for underpinning your house. Our company is experienced in the field of underpinning and with the help of a well qualified expert team of workers, we can underpin a house within 24 hours.

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